If you are looking to start a career in construction then this could be the course for you. This is a multi skills course where you will learn about various trades within the construction industry as well as basic bricklaying, painting skills, basic joinery and health and safety in construction.  This is a good gate way qualification where you  may identify an area you are particulary interested in such as:

  • Joinery
  • Bricklaying
  • Plumbing
  • Plastering

If you are looking for a course that is varied and practical, where you will learn different skills we would love to meet you. 

The qualifcation will be a level 1 nationally recognised and we are able  from  one of the countries  leading awarding bodies, BTEC . Alongside the construction qualifcation you will also undertake a period of work experience and if needed will study functional skills math and English.

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