Case Study 2


When Todd was 6 years old he was diagnosed with ASD. Throughout school Todd found working with large groups daunting and found interacting with other students difficult as well as working with his teachers. Eventually these barriers led to Todd leaving mainstream school and he was not in education for a year. Todd  has been with Aspire2b since September 2019 and he is currently on our traineeship programme working towards a level 1 extended certificate in workskills. During his time at Aspire2b Todd has learnt to manage his ASD and improve his social interaction with members of staff and students excellently. Todd now plays a key part in the class room by involving himself in group discussions and is comfortable working his peers and staff. These positive changes have had a great impact on Todds life outside of Aspire2b. He now uses public transport independently and visits town with friends he has made at Aspire2b at the weekend. 

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