About Us

In March 2012, Chief Executive, Rebecca Pickles, founded ‘Aspire2b' a company dedicated to the lifelong learning and support of young people and adults. Rebecca’s decision to set up Aspire was based on her past experiences in education and in the workplace, and also her long-standing desire to work with disadvantaged young people. During her time at school, Rebecca struggled academically, leaving school at the age of 16 without any qualifications and a significant lack of self-esteem. After working full-time in a series of unfulfilling positions, Rebecca took the brave move of returning to education, at the age of 30. Within an 8-year period, Rebecca had successfully completed a college course and graduated from University with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Rebecca quickly climbed the ranks at the secondary school that she worked at, becoming appointed with the prestigious Head of Year role.

Rebecca attributes her successes within the Education sector to a lifelong passion for helping others, particularly disadvantaged young people.  Since Aspire2b was founded the company has welcomed a series of successes, and is quickly making a name for itself as a key player in the Education and Pastoral Care sectors. Since 2012, the influence of the Aspire2b has grown rapidly, and is now affiliated with the local authorities and schools and has forged many other successful partnerships with other training providers.

Meet the Team

Claire Robshaw

Manager and Tutor


Becky Pickles

Director and Tutor


Merryl Hirst

Classroom Support

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